Friday, November 16, 2007

"lay it on the fire" or at least be a spark...

what: spark:a hang it yourself art free for all. you pick the work you want to show (please keep it in at least semi-decent taste as this is an all ages event). please limit to one piece, unless the work is small. if we have space for more it will be hung, but i'd like to accommodate all interested parties.
when: November 24th. doors open @ 10 am for hanging on a first come first serve basis (if you don't want your work buried in a dark corner come early!) the show will start @6pm. pickup of work will be November 25th 1-5pm or by appt.
where: junctionview studios 889 williams ave grandview heights, oh 43212
why: because columbus is the indie art capital of the world and we have to.
who: you and everyone you know.

*the show flyers will be printed by monday and posted throughout town.
**i don't know who took this photo, i stole it off

Thursday, November 15, 2007

details coming soon...

the flyer is out there but i haven't had time to scan it in yet.